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3-5 November 2020  “FM Expo Istanbul Building and Facility Exhibiton 2020″  &”TRFMC2020 Turkish Facility Management and Pandemic Conference” has cancelled.


In 2017 Turkey’s greatest local and international corporate companies came together and establish Turkish Facility Management Association (TRFMA), which provided a huge boost to sector at the end of 2017.

“FM Expo Istanbul Building and Facility Exhibition” and “TRFMC 2020Turkish Facility Management Conference” will be organized by DEMOS Fair Organization and Turkish Facility Management Association (TRFMA).




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 The facility is briefly all the places where people live or work.  Therefore, any building located on a specific land is facility. Facilities; apartment, site, residence, collective structure, shopping mall, plaza, hotel, hospital, school, factory etc. are different architectural constructions that are made for different purposes and uses. More.. Levent Alatlı  Founder Chair of Turkish Facility Management Association,
Our industry is growing. We have a huge variety from old style apartment management to complex residences, industrial facilities and services. We have different varieties of colors. Along with the advantages that this diversity brings to us, we now have to take part in a sectoral standardization quickly and push it.  More... Bahadır Adıyaman YKS – General Manager, Member of the Board of Directors

In Turkey, Facility Management Sector is providing a major employment also it is needed for all commercial, industrail and accommodation buildings. When we look at the examples and development in the world, we can say that we are at the beginning of the road.More.. H.Barış Ünalp CEO – ATALIAN Entegre Tesis Yönetim Hizmetleri
The Facility Management Association (TRFMA) was established in December 2017 with the participation and support of the leading actors of the sector. With the establishment of TRFMA an important and historical step was taken in order to  grow by institutionalization of the sector.More.. E.Burhanettin Kantar BUSINESS CENTERS MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS INC.

Once the near-term approach of integrated service or facility management is concerned, building and physical space-based approaches and solutions first come to mind. In the developing and changing world, together with the expectations of people and the ways of doing business, the management of the facility has also turned to people-oriented. More.. Ahmet Zeytinoğlu Sodexo Integrated Service Management / CEO
“Facility Management”, which is perceived only as technical services until recently, has become a sector that has grown in economy and increased competition and providing high quality working environment by providing cost-effective and time saving specialist institutions or companies and organizations in the field of realization. More.. Altinay Gökşin Klüh Multiservices CEO Turkey

Today, the companies, wanted to grow are not limited to their countries development and growth . The boundaries of the companies are determined by how effective they are in international competition. In such a competitive environment, the speed of access to resources for companies and the sustainability of efficient working environments have become extremely important. More.. Gökçenur Çelebioğlu TSP Executive Board Member, 2020-2021 TRFMA Chairman
While many definitions of Facility Management are identified, It is also possible to define it as “a collective and integrated service approach with a focus on adding value to human life through its own living space”. This definition brings us to a different place than classicalizing a facility and cleaning, More.. Erhan Demirtas SOLUTO Facility Management Servces Corp. General Director 

Especially with the concept of “Facility Management”, which has been rapidly growing and widespread from the beginning of the year 2000, without the need for another service provider to businesses that want to increase their quality and professionalism; to develop the most appropriate solutions for the needs of all kinds of facilities from plazas to shopping centers, factories More.. Sevilay Günlüler EFM Facility Management INC. General Manager


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