Today, the companies, wanted to grow are not limited to their countries development and growth . The boundaries of the companies are determined by how effective they are in international competition. In such a competitive environment, the speed of access to resources for companies and the sustainability of efficient working environments have become extremely important.

Large investments are made in industrial establishments, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and qualified houses. The expectations of investors are  great. Given the average 30-year economic lifetimes of these modern buildings, plant management expenditures are at least four times larger than their initial investment. On the other hand, academic research in the countries where the facility management has been considered as a science for many years shows that almost 60% of the future facility management costs are finalized when the design of a facility is completed. Hence, facility management services must start at the design stage. This requires the Facility Management industry to work with all stakeholders such as investors, builders and architects in the Master Plan phase. With facility management solutions, time and cost savings are ensured by determining the most suitable life scenario specific to the facility in the stage of architectural project.

Facility management solutions provide a management approach that aims to maximize the useful life of facilities by integrating people, space and life scenarios. Determining the level of service offered (SLA & KPI) and measuring the performance of the service after the facility has passed the crucial time has become a necessity for modern plant management services. This is the method in which the operation follow-up is made up to date and the operating budget is tracked at each step. Facility management with its multi-disciplinary structure recognizes the freedom of the customers to focus on their core business through these developments.


Gökçenur Çelebioğlu
TSP Executive Board Member