Especially with the concept of “Facility Management”, which has been rapidly growing and widespread from the beginning of the year 2000, without the need for another service provider to businesses that want to increase their quality and professionalism; to develop the most appropriate solutions for the needs of all kinds of facilities from plazas to shopping centers, factories to houses, offices; management, professional cleaning, private security, technical maintenance, garden maintenance, office support, concierge, budget tracking, leasing, legal and information technology and other similar services to manage assets appropriately and steadily, studies are being carried out in order to create environments where superior services are offered.

Each service provider has its own dynamics, which vary depending on the internal and external factors and environmental factors of the project. Doing their analysis well with a genuine emphaty, determining a motion route that is compatible with the business as a complete solution partner, making the alternative management, application viable and innovative solutions for the unexpressed needs of the businesses, makes us successful in the management institutions and the businesses we deal with.

In the Facility Management Sector, which is one of the sectors that provide the most employment in our country, the in-service trainings, cultural development contributions, high audit mechanisms and selection of employees are carried out by the professional institutional firms, sustainability and success-oriented service show the effects on the same projects.

I wish all the institutions and organizations participating in the FM Istanbul Fair and Conference, which will be organized this year with the participation of the valuable TRFMA members, hope to have a successful and high quality meeting environment for many years.