In Turkey, Facility Management Sector is providing a major employment also it is needed for all commercial, industrail and accommodation buildings. When we look at the examples and development in the world, we can say that we are at the beginning of the road.

Rather than managing the facility management service separately in sub-headings such as cleaning, security, technical and landscape, it is essential for a developing sector to be the main objective to manage it integrally from a single point and deliver its benefits to customers.

People living in a building should have comfort, safety, hygiene and business economics are the most natural rights. Owners of the premises also want to focus on their areas of expertise, by getting help from firms specialized in other services.  Facility management firms at this point are aiming to complete these needs completely. It would be a good first step for companies to come together under the roof of the Facility Management Association and seek common solutions to industry problems and support them all together.

Facilities Management Exhibition, in this sense will contribute to the development of this sector in Turkey. I would like to thank the facility management fair, which will be a meeting and development platform for the economy of the country, the productivity of the enterprises and the happiness of the employees.

Ugur Oktar
ATALIAN Integrated Facility Management Services