Once the near-term approach of integrated service or facility management is concerned, building and physical space-based approaches and solutions first come to mind. In the developing and changing world, together with the expectations of people and the ways of doing business, the management of the facility has also turned to people-oriented.

In the developing and growing sector, besides the concept of “Facility Management Services”, focusing on the quality of life of the employees is gaining importance. Researches show us that, when people feel themselves better at their houses and workplaces, they are tend to be more productive. Increasing quality of life makes people more productive and contributes positively to the performance of the companies they are working with. This is why integrated services are so important. With this feature, we can say that our sector provides significant direct and indirect contributions to the economy.

Today, as the leading representatives of the sector, besides the most distinguished and valuable institutions of our country, There is no area where we are virtually untouched by integrated services we provide in shared living and work spaces such as sites, business centers, educational institutions, factories, offices, hospitals and shopping centers. In fact, what we want to say is:

“When you do your actual job, leave all other jobs to ” Facility Management Professionals ” …

The world-wide facility management outsourcing market, which was $ 959.2 billion in 2012, is expected to reach $ 1.314 trillion next year with a growth rate of 5 percent. Facility management market has a great importance with it’s 10 billion Euro investment and providing an employment. Increasing numbers of buildings and facilities with increasingly complex processes, as well as increasing expectations of stakeholders, especially investors and tenants, allow the facility management market to grow day by day. next year, the facility management market size is expected to reach 12 billion euros in Turkey.

I strongly believe that FM Istanbul Fair will contribute to the development of our industry is a very important potential in Turkey. By this means, I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to   this important meeting.

Sodexo Integrated Service Management / CEO