Facility Management is the full translation of Facility Management. The facility is briefly all the places where people live or work.  Therefore, any building located on a specific land is facility. Facilities; apartment, site, residence, collective structure, shopping mall, plaza, hotel, hospital, school, factory etc. are different architectural constructions that are made for different purposes and uses.

Each facility has three main phases: design, construction and life. The longest and most important phase of a facility is the life phase.  Facility Management is also carried out throughout the life cycle.  Facility Management is a profession that involves more than one discipline that combines “people, place, technology and processes” for the continuation and improvement of life in this establishment.

Facility management is a sector which covers management, supervision, security, technical, maintenance, cleaning, waste, garden, landscaping, finance, law, knowledge control, fitness, customer relations, software, education, consultancy services, air conditioning, fan-coil unit, heat station, calorimeter, counter, water cooling tower, cctv, camera, card pass system, turnstile, barrier with services, elevator, escalator, exterior cleaning units, heating boiler, cooling group, ventilation plant, fire pump, detector, pool, spa, decoration, work clothes, kitchen equipments etc.

In Turkey, it can be said that facility management had begun in 90’s with the construction of with the good quality structures and plazas. Today, our country is experiencing a transition from apartment buildings to sites, and from sites to residence and collective building projects. Commercial real estate construction is also experiencing significant growth and development.

Therefore, professional building and facility management will gain more importance in our country and FM Istanbul will be a very important contribution to the Facility Management sector. I hope and believe FM Istanbul will grow fast within years.

Levent Alatli
Koza Management and Service Co. General Manager