The Facility Management Association (TRFMA) was established in December 2017 with the participation and support of the leading actors of the sector. With the establishment of TRFMA an important and historical step was taken in order to  grow by institutionalization of the sector.

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the establishment of TRFMA.

With the establishment of TRFMA, an important shortfall in the sector was eliminated and thus,

  • Performing comparative performance analysis,
  • To be able to develop a Strategy ,
  • Moving issues to the agenda

has become possible.

Due to increasingly intense and harder competition, producing quality goods / services is not sufficient for success, and it is also important that the manufacturer / supplier can introduce goods / services produced by close and intensive contact with the consumer.

Trade fairs are one of the rare activities that can contribute to the development of trade by bringing the parties together in today’s market conditions.

I believe that the fair organizations that will be held with the support of TRFMA in the light of these evaluations will produce important and valuable results in terms of the growth of the sector.


E.Burhanettin Kantar