Our industry is growing. We have a huge variety from old style apartment management to complex residences, industrial facilities and services. We have different varieties of colors. Along with the advantages that this diversity brings to us, we now have to take part in a sectoral standardization quickly and push it.

Admittedly, although our country has a very high potential for facility management, unfortunately our country is about to became too late about managing this potential. We face the reality of Facility Management in all areas of our lives, on the roads, at airports, in schools and on campuses, in public buildings, at workplaces. If we think that we are demanding a service at every moment of our life, the service must be measurable in order to increase and professionalize the quality of service, and definable in order to be measurable. That’s why standards are necessary.

While this is the situation in our country, the situation abroad is quite different from ours. Of course, since the beginning of the 1900’s, the importance of management is recognized by other countries. While we prefer to limit the Facility Management to the services such as Technique, Cleaning, Security, Garden, landscape, catering. In abroad they were also focusing integrated management services, stadium operation, field management, municipal organizations and transportation systems organizations. Of course, the standardization we have just mentioned to get to this point is great.

In our country, the Facility Management sector has become the most important issue of the management period with the increase of qualified buildings and it is getting more and more important every day. From the professional Facility Management point of view it is now possible to take all kinds of precautions from the satisfaction of the economical life of the technical equipments in our facilities to the efficiency of the living areas and working areas to the comfort of the residents.

Turkey as well as abroad in academic specialization in Facility Management has no opportunity yet. Such partnerships will be crucial for our young people who wants to make a career in Facility Management. It will be really valuable for the next generation and Facility Management professionals to come together, as our needs for qualified staff will increase in the future.

It is time to analyze the fact of Facility Management which have touched in every area of our life. I think we as Turkey, are still at the very beginning. If we can move forward with the right moves, right collaborations , millions of employees will continue to benefit from the blessings of this industry for many years.

Thank you.

Bahadır Adıyaman
General Manager, Member of the Board of Directors