While many definitions of Facility Management are identified, It is also possible to define it as “a collective and integrated service approach with a focus on adding value to human life through its own living space”. This definition brings us to a different place than classicalizing a facility and cleaning, security, technical maintenance and similar works of a facility for many years and finding meaning as “adding value to the life of a man through facility management”. This approach is particularly important in our country, particularly in the last ten years, we see that they have come to life only by marketing buildings as an investment vehicle and by being more interested in completion of the construction of the developers and in the processes after the beginning of life and forcing the buildings designs to become more life-oriented and human-focused.

Turkey as well as in the whole world of very fast-growing service sector forms an important part of facility management; it will not be too difficult to foresee that it will continue to grow as a sector that has a direct impact on people and their lives by combining many service disciplines that are included in their definitions under a single concept.

Leading companies in the facility management sector, which are developing rapidly and have a serious size within the economy of the country, are under a single roof to develop the sector further in the last days of 2017, to meet certain standards, to contribute to the necessary regulations about this sector and to carry out studies in this sector, found the “Facility Management Association”.

Istanbul Facility Management Fair and congress will support and help to develop the this sector. I believe and appreciate that sectoral knowledge and experiences to be mutually shared will provide great contributions to the aims of our association and that these shares will be combined with a “common sense” and that the sector will have a significant value in the course of this fair and congress event.

I wish this first fair to be good and continuous for the whole industry.


Erhan Demirtas
SOLUTO Facility Management Servces Corp.
General Director / YKÜ